Sandra Lattuca | About
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The Sandi Larkin Brand


Interior Decorator, Designer and Colour Specialist

I started painting at the age of three.

My mother was an accomplished artist and I used to paint my kindergarten years away with her.

I also seemed to have a deep love of crafts and making things. By the time I was 6 years old I could knit and crochet. 

By 10 I was making my own clothes, by 13 Vogue Magazine was my Bible! 

Fashion was my Passion and at 18 I went on to Study Fashion Design. 

Sandi Larkin


It was in this Fashion Arena that I developed an uncanny ablity to understand and predict Trends both in style and colour.

I realised a lot of our collective consciousness is like an intangible cloud – sort of like ether- it is all out there and anyone can tap or tune into it.

Although my love of fashion was and is still with me, as I went on into Motherhood I started to feel that I should do something that gave me more flexible working hours.

My cousin Claire Bond had gone on a Paint Course by Anna Thacker. I was intrigued by what she had learnt. 

I asked her to teach me, which she did.

The wonderful creative and transforming ability of the Art of Decorative Painting had me hooked. 

I took to it like a duck to water and swam like a fish in the sea of colour and got transported into my “zone ” of Bliss.

I soon realised that the hours spent painting with my mother and watching her blend colours was the key to creating unique pallets, thereby opening the doors to beautiful handcrafted bespoke Interiors. 


While mastering and refining my craft as a highly skill decorative Artist I went on to use my theory that Design is based on 3 Major Elements.

Colour,Texture and Proportion thereby applying my hand to designing a range of Classically inspired French and Italian furniture aswell as an exquisite range of Crystal,  Semi Precious Stones and silver jewellery.

My other Passion,  although not formally trained as an Architect, I love buying and renovating houses. I have a unique ablity to see through walls and create spaces that bypass most minds.

I love nothing better than to see a pile of bricks and the smell of mortar being mixed as it is like creating something out of nothing and a new home is being created ready to be Painted! 

All these talents combined together give me the ablity to create uniquely stylish, well balanced and layered interiors. 

The final layer of any home I decorate is the intangible layer of love, warmth and happiness that comes from my Passion within. 

Each Day is a Celebration!!

Live it!

Love it!

Create it!

I currently am Running my business Sandi Larkin Interiors as well as being  appointed Home Solutions Consultant for Plascon and a Mentor to 8 Young Plascon New Generation of Stars.